Relationship Counselling Paul Lewis Bristol Counsellor LGBT Humanistic

Sometimes in our relationships we can lose our way and find it difficult to communicate what is going on for us.  This can happen for many different reasons such as a traumatic experience like an affair or infidelity, or perhaps a significant loss. Depending on our personal histories we might also fall into destructive patterns of aggression or silent treatment.  How I can help is by providing a safe space for you and your partner to to share your thoughts and feelings in a structured and meaningful way.

I will teach you a new way to communicate, blame-free, with a focus on positivity.

Just simply having the opportunity to be really heard and listened to by your partner can be profoundly positive for both your relationship and you as individuals.  You may not always agree, and that's ok because I will help you find great value in your differences.  I will help you to identify any barriers that are stopping you from reaching your relationship goals.  You may even uncover some long-held beliefs from your past that are affecting your relationship in the present.


Sharing your thoughts and feelings with your partner can allow you both to take accountability for what you are bringing (or not bringing) to your relationship.   In your sessions we will calmly explore your current problems in a constructive way and consider how you would like to change your relationship for the better, with a focus on realistic, manageable goals.  For those who choose to part ways I can help you both to work on an amicable resolution and satisfactory closure.

I work in an LGBTQ+ affirmative way, and whatever your background, culture or identity you are welcome.  As an accredited member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) I work within their ethical framework.  I also engage with regular CPD and Supervision to ensure I provide you with a quality and up-to-date service.