Sessions and Fees Paul Lewis Bristol LGBTQ+ Humanistic Counsellor

The first session is an Introductory Session which I offer for free.  This gives us an opportunity to meet and for you to ask any questions.  We can explore what you are seeking from Counselling, including any expectations you have and I will explain how I work and together look at how we might move forward.


If we decide we would like to work together, we can then arrange a regular time to meet each week. I offer open-ended counselling because I think each person grows and develops at their own pace, and it is your decision when you choose to end.  I would however, recommend a minimum of six sessions to become accustomed to the therapy, particularly if you have never experienced Counselling before.


I work with adults who are 18+ years old on a one-to-one basis.  Each session is 60 minutes long and I offer a limited number of sessions at a reduced rate, depending on circumstance and availability.




Introductory Session


Ongoing Sessions


Reduced Rate Sessions




-    Free


-    £60


-    Limited availability depending on circumstance

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